Ashley Holifield
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My Story


Hey sister!

I’m Ashley Holifield! A 30 year old momma just taking it day by day! I am originally from Houston, Texas transplanted to small town Mississippi by my wonderful husband. My husband is the pastor at our church and we stay busy with ministry and loving on people! We have a full of personality and sass 2 year old little girl and another girl on the way (due in December)! Our first and biggest baby though is a Weimaraner named Nico. So as you can see in a short amount of time there was a lot of NEW! Moving, married, mommin, new job, house, church, friends…a lot! As a wife and new mom I felt I was drowning..drowning in the daily chores and tasks of being a wife, mother and school teacher. I felt I couldn't keep up..I couldn't be good enough. And yet I continued to feel the tug and pull that God wanted MORE for me..I pushed it away for a while. I trusted that I knew best and that I could not possibly fit anything else on my plate. Until I broke..I couldn't take it anymore..I wasn't happy..I was empty. I so desired to serve others and do something MORE. So I told God I was ready..ready for whatever that MORE was. So in the midst of drowning and feeling overwhelmed I became a fitness coach to work on myself personally and help others. Not quite the avenue I thought God had in mind. But thats how He works isn't it? I quickly saw the impact this could have. Not only was I able to see women gain more confidence physically, I saw women transforming their life spiritually. I saw families changed. Women do things they thought were impossible. I saw God move. I saw the MORE I was so longing for. Not only that but I grew. I was fulfilled in serving and my family was all the better for it. So while the time, money, energy, circumstances and everything in between didn't add up God knew what I needed. I needed to lay aside my control, my anxiety, my own abilities and TRUST and know that His plan and purpose for me was so much greater.I am daily blown away that I get serve these women. I am so humbled that God uses His strength in my weakness to raise up others. This journey is so much more than fitness and has given me FREEDOM in so many areas. Now getting to share that with you is a dream!