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Join My Team


Hey sister!! Thanks for popping in to see what this thing is all about! If you are here you have probably seen my page and posts! Maybe you are like me before I started and thinking it all seems too good to be true, too far out of reach for me, and honestly AFRAID of even going there and dreaming that big! But I realized I over complicated it and found that it really is as simple as showing up for myself and paying that forward to others and encouraging them in their journey as well!

My team, Grace + Grit is named just that for a reason. We are a group of women that are here by grace, extending that same grace to others. We also understand the GRIT it takes to make a dream a reality and work towards goals that help our family and others. My goal is to pay it forward and continue to help women see their potential and change lives. I am looking for women that desire to make an impact through health and wellness. A desire to take on their own health and fitness journey while sharing that with others. Women who have a desire to earn an income doing what they love. Women who want to dream big with me, go after goals and hustle. We are working for a greater cause and greater purpose! Sister,  are you ready to join that MOVEMENT?? Each month I mentor women through online mentorship program. To be considered please fill out form below and I will get back with info so we can chat more and see if this is the right fit for you! 

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