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As apart of my Fit sister challenge you will be provided with:

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An evolving 12 month Fitness Routine

I am going to teach you that fitness can actually be FUN! Whether you want to workout at home or in the gym, the Grace & Grit fit sister challenge can be customized for your goals! I typically start my clients with a 3 week program that combines HIIT + strength training for weight loss and toning. In just 30 minutes you can knock at a trainer led workout that would normally take over an hour at the gym. ALL done at your house! Showing you exactly what to do each week with new workouts so you aren’t getting bored or hitting that plateau! This is AMAZING for us busy women that just can’t find the time! Literally reach the goals you want in just a few hours a WEEK!! After you complete your first program you then have access to thousands of other workouts at your fingertips to choose from and continue with your progress! Never get bored or stuck!


simple + clean eating Nutrition Plan to Fit YOU

I always hear…I can’t stick with it because it’s too hard, boring, expensive or extreme! I get it sister! Been there! Tried every fad diet! Good news here, this is not the case! Eating healthy here is not cutting out entire food groups or feeling like you can’t enjoy life! There are times built in to enjoy the occasional treat and all food groups are welcomed here. What I hope to teach you is a way that allows FREEDOM from food controlling you! A way that shows healthy habits that you can actually stick with and use for not just you but your family as well! Something that last beyond just a 30 day or 8 week span!

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Support, Motivation + Accountability

So we get that this is about eating healthy and working out…We know that, we may have even tried that. But it didn’t stick, you fell off the wagon, got bored and lost motivation. Well what if you had a group to cheer you on? A group of sisters to check in with and keep you going on those days you’re not feeling it? Everyone said “YES PLEASE!” The online community I have created is unique in that we are just that…a community! Women from all walks of life with all sorts of to dos working to make their health and fitness a priority. I share daily motivation, check-ins, recipes, meal plans and devotions! It really is the secret sauce!  And you will get access to this group for not just 3 weeks BUT an entire year!

Healthy Habits Plan + Guides

Another major key to success is tracking! This can easily be done from your phone through the app included or if you’re a pen and paper gal through the downloadable tracker I’ve created. Tracking your progress, planning your weeks meals and workouts is a must! You will begin seeing a transformation and having proof on paper and in photos is always an AMAZING reminder of all you’ve accomplished! 


So what do you think? Are you ready to lay aside those fears, excuses and doubts and jump in? Are you ready for me to help you achieve those goals you have? I can’t wait to hear more! Fill out the Grace + Grit Challenge form below and I will be in touch with more info!!

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