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Summer Meltdown

Hey sister!! Glad you are here! If you stumbled across this page that means you have goals and I am here to help! The July Grace & Grit Transformation Studio is going to help with just that!

Now that summer is officially here it is so important to make our fitness routine quick and customizable to our busy lifestyles. I am going to help you lose 5-10 pounds in your first three weeks, while creating healthy habits over the course of a year that lasts a lifetime! This group is more than just fitness. It’s about community, creating healthy habits on the inside and out for a lifestyle. self love and confidence! And yes, you can still go on vacation and, sit by the ocean

and enjoy your summer!


Customized Training routine

I am going to teach that working out is FUN! Whether you want to workout at home or in the gym, our transformation studio will be perfectly customized for your needs and goals. Our training programs will incorporate resistance training, cardio, upper body, lower body, and pilates. Your workouts will range from 20-30 minutes long which is designed to fit into your life! You will have instant access to streamable workouts from your laptop, cell phone or smart TV. You and I will work 1:1 to determine which program is going to be best for you! Once you have completed your specific training program we will take things up a notch and get you started on your next training routine so that you are constantly progressing!


A simple clean eating meal plan

When it comes to eating healthy, one of the biggest misconceptions is that you aren’t going to enjoy your meals and that you are going to feel restricted! I’m here to tell ya sister that this just isn’t true! Carbs are life and I will teach you how to eat yummy foods while still reaching your goals! You will be following an easy to follow nutrition guide that will teach you hoe to eat correct portion sizes for you and your personal goals. You will learn food freedom and nutrition habits that you can truly stick with for the rest of your life! You will have access to hundreds of clean recipes + healthy summer recipe ideas to keep you feeling lean and fueled.


Support + community

While we all know that eating healthy and working out is good for us, why is it that so many of us don’t see it through and fall back into our old unhealthy habits? LACK OF COMMUNITY. Let me tell you sister, community and having a tribe of women going through this joiner with you is the game changer between those who see results and those who don’t. Which is why I have created my private online community where we check in with our daily workout and hold each other accountable! As my client, you will have lifetime access to my private community!


“Okay sister, I am ready! What do I get when I join?”

So there are multiple package options that come with different tools to help you along your journey (we will find which one fits your needs best!). But here are the basics you will get no matter what package you get!

NUTRITION GUIDE: As mentioned before, we are going to endure that you are eating the correct portion sizes for you and your goals! You will learn to properly fuel your body for results without giving up the things you love!

ACCESS TO OUR “NETFLIX OF FITNESS” AKA VIRTUAL WORKOUT STUDIO FOR A YEAR! We will work 1:1 to ensure that you are following a training routine that is specific to you! Once you have completed your training routines, we will start you on a new one that continuously keeps you progressing! This isn’t just about a one workout type of deal, this is a lifetime-lifestyle.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Depending which package you decide is going to be best for you, there will be a variety of nutritional supplements included. Superfood shakes, all natural pre workout energy boosts, clean protein bars for snackin’ etc. All of my fav that I can’t live without!

FULL ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE TRANSFORMATION STUDIO: Honestly, this just might be my favorite part! This is where we will post daily chock ins to keep you motivated, inspired and held accountable. You will also see all the other fit sisters of th group sharing recipes, workouts, asking questions and making this journey so much fun! There is truly so much power in seeing the other women show u[p, get it done and motivate each other through this journey!

1:1 COACHING WITH ME: Yes sister, you and I will be working closely together to ensure that you are getting the results that you want! On top of our daily check-ins within our private community, I also do private check ins via email and messages. You are able to contact me whenever! My job is to motivate, inspire, keep you in check and help you succeed. You are never alone in this journey.

A WEEK OF PREP: We will spend the week before official kick off getting you prepped and ready to go! We will chat all things equipment, meal prep, best tips and tricks to have the most success with your programs and ensure you are all set and ready to go!

Need a quick visual for how convenient your workouts are? Watch below!


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