Ashley Holifield


Grocery Staples

One of my most asked questions is "what do you buy at the grocery store?!" So I wanted to share my grocery must haves and staples! These are items I keep stocked and use on the regular! Also download and print a copy of my grocery staples shopping list at the end to help when stocking your house with healthy must haves! 


Seasonings + Toppings 

I have a couple of seasonings I use everyday! The Everything But the Bagel seasoning is AMAZING on avocado toast! Also great to stir in when browning meat and you don't have time to throw in fresh garlic and onion. My other go to is Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb. This is great because it is no salt added but still packs great flavor! I use this to season all of my vegetables and love it on baked salmon. Mrs. Dash also has a great fiesta lime and taco seasoning I use for Mexican dishes. 

Toppings are like sprinkles for you food! My favorite! Yogurt is a regular snack in my house but I definitely like to dress it up! My favorite toppings are granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds, and cocoa nibs! Keep in mind a little goes a long way! To avoid adding too much extra sugar measure with tablespoon and keep it in moderation! I also love mixing chia seeds and flax seed in my smoothies! SO many health benefits! Adding extra toppings to my salad to dress it up is a must as well! McCormick makes a few different salad toppers you can get to throw on! Also just regular sunflower seeds, sliced almonds and feta cheese are some of my favorites! Also linking my favorite Greek dressing below! 

Pantry Must Haves

There are a handful of dry goods that I like to keep on hand to cook with. Quinoa is definitely at the top of that list! I have been on a quinoa kick lately! Cooking it with lemon and pesto for my salads or mixing in fiesta lime seasoning for an easy base for a taco bowl! Kodiak cakes are my new found fav as well! They are so easy to whip up and packed with protein, but the best part is, they TASTE GOOD! I love them as waffles or pancakes! Almond flour, coconut oil and agave sweetener are others that I keep on hand for cooking with! They are great healthy swaps in many recipes! These are my current favorite snack bars for on the go! Lower in sugar then most but still very tasty and gives you that protein to keep full! Last my daily smoothie super foods I mix in all my smoothies to add those daily vitamins and protein I need! 



Keeping everything organized is a MUST! This helps me quickly assess what I need to add to my list each week so I am not over buying or wasting food. I also love to keep things organized and prepped to help make grabbing things on the go easier! Keeping everything sorted and easily in view makes for a happy fridge and pantry! Also making your time in the kitchen less stressful! 

Hope this was helpful! Happy to answer any other questions about what I use or buy!