Ashley Holifield


Sunday Style- Maternity

I am diving into Sunday Style posts to share more of my fashion favorites! Kicking off with my maternity favorites and tips! I am on a mission to make what I have work and find functional pieces that can work both now and after baby! This kimono is absolutely perfect for dressing up the simple dresses or tanks and making the belly feel fancy! Also a great piece to use as a transition into fall without burning up in a sweater! 



SIMPLE & functional


I love the long flowy tanks to layer with. This one from PinkBlush is perfect for just that! These are great basics to snag for maternity and can easily be dressed up or down! They are also great for hiding the rubber band that is currently holding up my jeans! I am still using this trick to let my regular jeans go just a little longer! Between that and the stretchy dresses I have been making it! BUT I'm sure at least one good pair of maternity jeans are in my near future!