Ashley Holifield


dreams becoming reality


Dreams become goals and goals become reality

“Life is too short to be spending your time on something you aren’t passionate about”

I have always wanted to be a teacher. I would play school with my dolls and give my sisters homework. So going to college and becoming a teacher seemed like the right life choice…my forever plan that was easy and no fail. 

But things started to switch as I got older and started a family. I quickly realized I wanted more freedom in my day. I wanted to be able to do something more. Something that fueled my fire and got me out of bed in the morning and excited for the day. 

Teaching was still a passion of mine but it was shifting from little kids to young women and mommas. I found a love for helping other women navigate this life and started teaching how to live a life of health and wellness. This quickly became a dream job…a desire to work from home and build a community of women to teach, inspire and grow. Is that even a job??



A year into this and I am still in awe of how God has provided through this. I now have a community of women across the country that are all doing this “fit life” thing and making it work! I have had the opportunity to connect with them on trips to the beach, to laugh, cry and dream with them! 



This is real life! And at the end of this school year I will be retiring from teaching and coming home to be FULL TIME women encourager, health nut and fitness teacher. 


A dream that seemed unreal. A goal that seemed unreachable. A reality made possible through grace and grit! Don’t just sit on the sidelines and say “there’s now way I could that!” Because YES you can! 

Jordan and I want you to join us on this journey! Stop telling yourself it's not possible, and make your dreams a reality TODAY. 


Ashley Holifiled