Ashley Holifield


Baby must haves this go around

With baby number one I felt so overwhelmed when trying to buy and plan! Looking at every list and trying to have ALL the things! Now with the arrival of baby number 2 quickly approaching my list of must haves is MUCH smaller and specific! I definitely learned what worked best and have some favorites I will be reusing! I have also had friends recommend a few new things that are out now that I am excited to use! Sharing my top picks below!


BINXY BABY This came out after my first was born and I am so excited to try this!! Just the idea of shopping with two kids has me stressing! This will definitely be a lifesaver! I can put Evie (2 year old) up in the front of the cart and let baby girl rest in the hammock AND still have room for the groceries! Fits all shopping carts and can even hold carseat carrier! WIN!

LITTLE POPPY BOWS Mom of two girls means ALL the bows! I started this subscription shortly after Evie was born and have LOVED it! They send 3 bows a month in different styles and patterns. They are great about matching with the seasons and holidays so I always have bows to match her outfits! They come in headbands and clips so perfect for all ages! Excited to have the girls in matching bows!!

SOLLY BABY WRAP I absolutely LOVED wearing Evie when she was little! I used this wrap and would strap her on while I cooked, cleaned, and worked at the house. This wrap is sooo soft and easy to use! It transitioned well as she grew as well! Definitely going to be using it again with bay number two!

ZUTANO NEWBORN BOOTIE With baby girl coming at the start of winter something to cover those little feet is a must!! Evie was a summer baby so I didn’t have as much of these type things. But I do remember trying to keep socks on newborn feet was nearly impossible! SO I am super excited to see so many great reviews on these and try them out!

HAAKAA BREAST PUMP I nursed and pumped with Evie and plan to do the same with this one! I have had sooo many friends recommend this hand pump to use when nursing! I am all about saving and getting as much of that liquid gold as possible so this was a MUST for sure!

LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE I have seen and heard so many great things about this swaddle I had to add it to my list this go around! I love the way it allows the baby to keep their arms up! Plus easy zip up for middle of the night changes…YES PLEASE!!!

DOCK-A-TOT Another item I have heard so much about and had so many friends recommend I had to add it this time around! Especially with a toddler running around keeping baby in a safe place to lounge and play will be a must! I love that it can easily be moved from room to room and provides a safe way to keep baby! Get $10 off yours here!

NOSE FRIDA If you aren’t familiar with this you may think gross BUT I promise this thing is AMAZING and works the best! We still use one with Evie! Don’t worry the filter works and you will not be sucking snot into your mouth! But its a great way to give your little one relief and clear their nose! I bought another one to have for new baby and will most likely get plenty of use out of it with this winter baby!

UBBI DIAPER PAIL The first go around I used a diaper pail that required bag refills…and quickly regretted that! The pail we had broke about 6 months ago and I thought maybe I will just do without one this time. But after throwing stinky diapers in the kitchen trash for a few months I knew that wouldn’t work either! I have heard and read great reviews about this pail and absolutely LOVE you can use standard trash bags with it!! WIN!!

MB KRAUSS DIAPER BAG Evie is two and still in need of snacks, diapers, clothes, etc. when we are out. Throw a newborn in the mix and ALL that they need and you basically feel like a suitcase would be best to use for a diaper bag haha! Thankful to have found a bag that is functional and big enough for two! I love the backpack style to keep hands free and easily throw on and go. This bag has AMAZING storage and pockets to keep everything organized and quickly accessible. It also came with insulated pull out bag for bottles! Loved the neutral design and the affordable price tag!! Bonus use code AshleyH20 and get an extra 20% off diaper bag!

4MOMS MAMAROO We had this for Evie and I can honestly say its worth every penny! We used this for a good while and she LOVED it! I loved the different settings and ability to play sound or music through it as well! Thankful to be able to have it and use this go around!!

Hope you found this list helpful! There are definitely other items we have and will use but these are some of my top picks I wanted to share! Baby girl will be here in 4 weeks or less and we could not be more excited!! If you have any other advice for adding in baby number two please share in comments below! Would love to hear!

I received products compliments of DockATot, Binxy Baby and MB Krauss . All other items were purchased.