Ashley Holifield


5 simple ways to prep for your week

Planning and prepping for your week is HUGE when trying to stay healthy and on track! BUT it can seem overwhelming especially if you are new to it all! Below are my top tips and go to routine for planning and prepping for a successful week!


Tip 1

Look at your calendar and make note of any activities, busy days or events you have this week. Start with your busy days. Plan a crockpot, instant pot or leftover meal for those days! Don't try and be superwoman! Just know that leftovers are okay! Healthy breakfast dinner of eggs and toast is TOTALLY acceptable! 

Tip 2

Now that the busy days are out of the way, you can plan the rest of the weeks meals. I like to plan dinners first then work back from there and plan your lunch, snacks and breakfast! I like to plan out as much (usually all) of my weeks meals so I can know exactly what I need at the store! This saves me from having to do that mid week grocery run! I also repeat my breakfast, lunch and snacks through the week to keep it simple when preparing and cheaper on the grocery bill!


Tip 3

So you have a plan of what you want to eat, now time to see what you need!! Check your fridge and pantry for items you already have so you’re not over buying and make a list! I like to make my list in the order I walk the grocery store so I’m not missing anything or back tracking! Because the minute I get side tracked or off my list at the store is the minute random (not needed, usually unhealthy!) items end up in my cart. STICK TO THE LIST! This saves your money and your health plan! I always check my grocery store app for downloadable coupons and current sales or deals going on that week as well! Online coupons have been a huge saver for me! Also, age old tip but still one I like to remember is never go to the store hungry!! Plan your trip after you have eaten so you aren’t tempted to throw in extras or impulse goodies!

Tip 4


Now the planning and shopping is done! Thats the easy part ha! Time to prep! The step that often gets left out or half done. But this is NECESSARY to helping you stay on track for the week! Leaves room for no excuse when your meals are prepped and ready! Committing to 30-60 minutes of prepping on Sunday will save a TON of time throughout the week. Prep as much as you can! I like to prep my lunches and snacks for sure! Then I will bag my frozen fruit together for a quick grab for smoothies. If you need to save even more time throw in a some chicken breast in the crockpot on Sunday to shred and use in recipes through out the week for dinners! Use the prep checklist found at the end as a guide. 

Tip 5

The final step to plan and sticking to it! This is can be the hard part! But know the work is done, now eat what you have made, stick to your plan and see how you feel at the end of the week!! I promise if you stick with it you won’t be as mad as if you didn't and are throwing out perfectly prepped food that went bad because the cafeteria or fast food seemed better at the time....(not speaking from experience or anything!) JUST DON'T! Take my advice and STICK TO IT!


Looking for more meal prep tips, recipes, meal plans and grocery lists?? Check out my latest fit group for ways to plug and receive weekly help with planning and prepping!