Ashley Holifield


get fit + give thanks

“and whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”



In a season of constant changes, unknowns, and new I have been focused on gratitude. This has been a way for me to refocus each morning and remind myself of all I have and am able to do. I am prone to compare, to dream and long for the more! So I can easily get discourage with where I’m not and where I wish I was in all areas of life when God has me here in the NOW for a reason! SO I am learning to be present and thankful for where I am. This gives me such a different perspective on my day when I start this way. I go into my workout, my daily routine, mom duties, and daily chores with a sense of gratitude and GET TO versus a h a v e to. I want to infuse this into my next fit challenge with a daily challenge to be GRATEFUL. When we stop and look around, even at the little things, we may be surprised at all we DO have.


So what does this fit challenge look like?

A workout program that combines cardio and strength training to help burn and tone. A full nutrition guide to help you learn the ins and outs of healthy eating that accommodates real life with treat days included! (YES PLEASE!) A full downloadable eBook with a month of meal guides, grocery lists, recipes and tips to help you plan and stay on track! Access to an exclusive app for daily motivation and check ins to stay accountable and on track with your goals! My coaching and assistance to help you along the way and find what fits YOUR needs best! Plus a daily gratitude guide to help see the importance of health from the inside FIRST. I want to help change the mindset behind the daily routine, workouts and chores that often get us down!

So what do you say? Let’s flip the script. Give thanks for all we GET TO DO and honor God with what He has given us today!

Okay girl, Enough putting it off! Let’s chat about those goals and let me help you!

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Ashley Holifield